DiRosa Show June through September 2012 - Trish Carney
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Among the animals
three vignettes

Violin soundtrack by Julia Ogrydziak.

Siblings - Great Horned Owls.
A small raspy call turned my head and I saw one of the little beige fuzz-balls peaking out from behind a branch. I visited off and on for three months and watched these comical and endearing owlets turn into owls. By late summer the owl siblings were beginning to separate from each other and stake out their own territories.

The way of the cat - Bobcats.
I have spent a ridiculous amount of time looking for cats and here is a snippet of some of the bobcats I've seen. The most surprising sighting was two cats fighting in an eucalyptus tree. I heard growling from the trail, turning on the camera I went straight toward the sound. I caught a few seconds of two cats racing up the slippery bark, fighting as they spiraled up the tree. The aggressor was a big male and the other cat was half the size and had a young face. My guess is a teenage cat wandered into an adult male's territory and basically got the snot beat out of him.

Dark eyes of the forest - Northern Spotted Owls.
Once I was clocked on the head by a Northern Spotted Owl. Unbeknownst to me at the time, these guys can dive bomb you. A message it sent and a message I received - a small superficial wound on my head from its talons. Ever since I have been fascinated with the ones with the spooky dark eyes!


I made this brief video of wildlife footage and photo stills shot with Canon 7D and 500mm and GoPro.

music used:
Violin by Julia Ogrydziak
Night Voices from Paul Winter's Prayer for the Wild Things
Night Song from Wilderness, Nature Reference Series

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